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Canine Behaviour Trainer, Kira Jon Ryle
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The best leaders are those who are chosen.

This is a philosophy that guides my work with dogs… As members of a democratic society, we choose our leaders. We agree to obey their rules, because we believe they act in our own best interest and can minimize our risk of starvation and danger. Dogs also obey those whose leadership can ensure their own survival. If you want your dog to be eager to please, then you must first earn the respect to become its chosen leader.

The best leaders are those who are chosen.

Specialised in great attitude and well-behaved pet dogs

My name is Jon Ryle, I am the owner and trainer of A Personal Dog Trainer. Since the very beginning of my work with canines, I have focused on the dynamics between dogs and how they negotiate leadership by first earning trust and respect. My upcoming book release, The Canine Code, sums up this dynamic and identifies what part of dog training makes dog training work!
Living with your dog is having a relationship with your dog –but are you set up for the leadership position? There is a simple recipe for how to win it; it is my passion to share it.

Qualifications & Experience

Cert III in Dog Behaviour and Training from by the National Dog Trainers Federation.

The Advanced Course of Jan Fennell’s Dog Listening Method

Fostering  for various rescue organisations, rehabilitating dogs that needed behaviour modification and training before they could be put up for adoption.

3 years of work at “Unleashed Doggy Daycare” with over 300 dogs of different sizes, ages and breeds.

– and every other type of work, where I could hang out with the dogs… obedience training, grooming, dog walking, pet sitting and of course cuddling.

As your guarantee of good professional service, Jon Ryle is a member of…

The National Dog Trainers Federation, NDTF

The Pet Industry Association of Australia, PIAA

The Australian Association of Professional Dogs Trainers, AAPDT

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  • We would highly recommend Jon and this service, as we can speak from personal experienced that our once slightly crazy puppies were transformed into the beautiful dogs we now know and adore.

    Christy Buckingham