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Canine Behaviour Trainer, Kira Jon Ryle
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The most efficient and humane way to gain control over a dog is to first earn its trust and respect.

-It’s not magic nor something that you need to be born with. But you will need to earn your stripes, if you want to win your dog’s eagerness to please and teach it your house rules. There is a simple recipe to respected leadership and it is our passion to share it.

The most efficient and humane way to gain control over a dog is to first earn its trust and respect.

How can we help?

RelaxedWe all want our dogs to be happy, relaxed and free to enjoy Life. Reality is that most dogs take on stressful tasks, like barking and jumping, that are required when living in the wild –but unwanted in our urban setting. That is why you need to stay in control.
-It is not hard. It is not even time consuming, but it is very important that you send the right messages to your dog. Whether timid or confident, your dog will become much more relaxed, when it sees you as a trusted leader who always stays in charge. It is a natural and gentle way to control any type of dog.

When conducting a Behavioural Consultation, I come to your home. You and your dog have your own set of unique circumstances, and I want to be able to offer a highly individualized strategy for how to best resolve the issues. I’ll help you to design a solution that’s doable.

Call now to book your first appointment and relax at the thought that help is on its way!

Are you experiencing some of these common behaviour issues?

Did you know that greeting you by sniffing, licking and jumping up at you are instinctive actions that originally helped a dog to survive? Do you wonder, why your dog greets some people and dogs with uncontrollable enthusiasm, yet remembers its manners when greeting certain others? I can explain your dog’s behaviour and show you how to respond to it, so that your dog will greet you and your visitors politely at the door.

  • I would recommend A Personal Dog Trainer without hesitation as it is thanks to them that I have a well trained and behaved boxer who leads a happy and fun life.

    Caitlin Roach