A Personal Dog Trainer

Canine Behaviour Trainer, Kira Jon Ryle
Mobile Phone: 0400 354 092

It’s not magic, it’s trust

It is possible for any person, to develop a high level of focus, responsiveness and cooperation from their dog without letting training consume all their time. I believe that there is a recipe to the magic and that it is simple enough for anyone to follow.

It’s not magic, it’s trust

Canine Code Seminar

Want to gain control of your dog and get it to listen? Wonder how the dog trainers on TV do it?

Now you can find out the secrets in a seminar conducted by Canine Behaviourist, Kira Jon Ryle.

– Learn how dogs communicate and negotiate leadership among themselves.
– Gain the power to create a happy and calm life for both yourself and your dog.
– Be amazed at how the most energetic or stubborn dogs instantly respond┬áto training when using a language that they instinctively understand.

This 2 hour seminar is great for newbies, experienced dog owners and dog professionals alike.

The next seminar will be in Darwin at 7pm on the 9th of December at the Casuarina Library. Book your ticket now at trybooking/caninecode

  • I have to tell you - I did two sessions with Molly of about 25 mins with the stopping when she pulls technique, like on your video clip. It's been miraculous - she now walks beautifully by my side, looking up at me every few meters to check she's still doing the right thing. Wow!

    Laura Coleman