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Behind every great dog there’s a great dog owner.

Puppies easily win over our hearts in a single beat, and you are without a doubt totally in love with your new puppy. However, issues that are perhaps only small now tend to grow bigger along with the dog. It is much fairer to the dog and easier for you, if you teach your puppy good manners from the start, rather than correcting bad behaviour later on. That is why puppy school is the most important training that your dog will ever receive.

Behind every great dog there’s a great dog owner.

What will you and your puppy learn?

A Personal Dog Trainer uses up-to-date gentle but efficient training methods that your puppy will love. You will receive just as much advice on how to achieve a happy dog as how to achieve an obedient dog. Our classes comprise behaviour training, trouble shooting, obedience skills, socialisation and habituation…

Behaviour training

This is where you learn to understand your dog’s behaviour by recognizing its natural instincts. We teach you how to correctly respond to your dog, so that it will trust your competence as the (pack) leader. If your puppy feels safe and respects you – it will become a calm, happy and relaxed dog. If your puppy doesn’t trust your competence and feels obliged to take charge, it will become overwhelmed and get very stressed. You will end up with a hyperactive dog that ‘will not listen’.

Trouble shooting

Here is your chance to learn about issues like toilet training, jumping up, play biting and barking. It is also an opportunity to ask all those questions that arise at home and share your experiences with the rest of the class, as you are all likely to encounter the same challenges.

Obedience skills

Sitting Golden RetrieverMaking work into play, you will learn how to train your dog to come, sit, drop and walk on the leash. You will teach your puppy when it’s time to stay focused on you and when it’s time to leave you alone. Most importantly, we will help you train your pup to stay, wait and respect no-go zones. Think about the benefits of your dog accepting that it’s not allowed in the kitchen while you cook or not allowed to run across the road.


Dachshund PuppiesPlaying with the other classmates at puppy school is not just endless fun for your pup, it is also vital to developing good doggy communication skills. Dogs, that have been isolated when young, often become fearful and sometimes aggressive towards other dogs later in life.


DalmationsWhile puppies are still under 16 weeks, they are instinctively geared to follow their mum’s decision on what to fear or not to fear. That is why, it is important that you expose your puppy to loud noises, fast movements, new surfaces and handling by strangers. Our puppy school will help you gently introduce a whole range of things to your puppy.

What makes our puppy school special?

  • In our puppy school, you get more time and more information. You can stick to the basics and only sign up for 4 sessions, or you can complete your puppy’s training by attending 8 sessions.
  • If you choose our Complete Package, you will also receive a complimentary free home session of 1 hour.
  • Your classes will be conducted by a professional canine behaviour trainer. I work full-time with dogs and have extensive experience with integrating dogs to new households.
  • All classes are assisted by Jamie, who is currently studying companion animal behaviour . While you will sometimes be listening to the instructor, Jamie will make sure that your puppy is safe while socializing with its puppy classmates.
  • You will receive a complimentary gift bag that includes notes and all the training aids that you’ll need in class.
  • Groups are kept to a maximum of only 6 puppies per class, so that we have time to give you and your puppy individual attention.

You will need to know:

How to enrol?

Please complete the Puppy Training Registration Form -you will find it in the side menu (in the top right corner of page). If you would like to talk to us before registering, please feel free to give us a call. Please note that classes fill up quickly, so booking in advance is essential to secure your spot.


The classes are conducted on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Contact us to find out when the next class begins.


The Scout Hall, 210 Dendy Street, East Brighton. (Next door to the Toy Library at the verge of the golf course car park.)

What to bring?

Please bring a copy of the puppy’s vaccination certificate.

Your puppy must be on leash and wear an ordinary collar (no check chains or retractable leashes, please). We will supply training treats, fresh water and poop scoop equipment.
Please dress in comfortable clothes that are appropriate for the weather. Bear in mind that a dog may jump up at you or that you may need to kneel down on the ground.

How to make payments?

The deposit to secure your place in the class is $100. The remainder is due to be paid on arrival to the first class.
You can either pay in cash or use internet banking to make a direct deposit. If you decide to use internet banking, then I will email the account details to you, once I have received your puppy class registration form.
You will find a pricing list here

What about health and safety?

All puppies must have received and show proof of their first vaccination. Please notify us if your puppy is showing any signs of illness.

Anything else?

All puppies should be between 8-16 weeks old at the commencement of the course.
Please do not feed your puppy within 4 hours before the class.

Children and puppies

Child and PuppyIt is of course very important that children learn to handle and play with their new four-legged family member in a responsible way, but please note that this puppy school is designed for adult students. We want you to learn as much as possible about caring for your puppy, so the itinerary is jam packed. The classes are best spent taking in the learning yourself, so that you can teach your children in your own home and at their own pace. Children over 10 years of age are welcome.
If you would like help to educate your children on how to handle your puppy and dogs in general, we recommend that you book an in-home private session with A Personal Dog Trainer.

  • I would recommend A Personal Dog Trainer without hesitation as it is thanks to them that I have a well trained and behaved boxer who leads a happy and fun life.

    Caitlin Roach