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Canine Behaviour Trainer, Kira Jon Ryle
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You will find that it is much easier to learn you dog’s own language than it is to teach it English

Instead of using spoken words, dogs communicate by using body language, eye contact and ritualistic gestures. You’ll be amazed how even energetic or stubborn dogs instantly respond to training when you add gestures they instinctively understand.

You will find that it is much easier to learn you dog’s own language than it is to teach it English

Obedience & Good Behaviour Classes

The content of our classes is designed to create a harmonious life with your dog, rather than meet the criteria of an obedience exam. Here, you will learn to take control of all the challenging every-day situations. In small classes with time for individual attention, you can learn how to call your dog back in the park, stop it from jumping on visitors and eliminate many other stressful situations. Some of our most popular workshops are Road Savviness, On-Your-Mat and Loose-Leash-Walking.
If you are dreaming of sending your dog out to fetch the newspaper, put its dirty bowl in the sink and wave goodbye as you leave, there’s lots of trick classes for you too.

With our session card system, you can pick and choose what you want to learn and when you want to attend classes. It is perfect for you, if you find it hard to commit to attending a class every week, or if you only want to spend time and money on teaching your dog certain skills that apply to your lifestyle. Each class is separate entity and aims to bring you to the point, where you and your dog are ready to go home and include it in your every-day routine.

A Personal Dog Trainer achieves great results by running small classes. We ensure that you get maximum individual attention by only allowing 4 dogs in each class. All sessions are held in spacious indoor facilities in Brighton. If you would like to receive an email with the list of what skills we teach next month, and how to sign up to the classes, please request an Monthly Class Schedule today.

Feel free to call us and ask about our up-to-date and modern dog training techniques. Obedience training should be fun for both you and your dog, so our method of training is based on earning rewards of either food or fun. Don’t worry that you’ll have to bribe your dog with food forever –you will learn how to phase out the treats AND make your dog work harder. With fewer corrections and more rewards, you will be building up your dog’s willingness to listen to you and perform skills that are handy in your daily routine.

Private sessions -Individually tailored

You can also book a one-on-one private session with A Personal Dog Trainer. The individually tailored sessions can be conducted in your own home or at a local park and can include both obedience skills and behaviour modification.

It is generally recommended that you participate in the training yourself. Some issues can only be solved by you learning how to deal with them. However, if you are pressed for time, we can help you resolve the dog’s bad habits, so that you only have to maintain the new routine.

There are many advantages to one-on-one training. You and your dog…

  • Can stay relaxed and comfortable in your own home (important for the dog too!).
  • Avoid the group pressure and performance anxiety of participating in a class.
  • Avoid your dog being distracted by other dogs.
  • Save time by learning faster with one-on-one training.
  • Get it right from the beginning, because mistakes are eliminated immediately.
  • Receive sound guidance about behavioural issues and how it may affect your dog’s performance.
  • Avoid feeling exposed by your dog’s aggressive or problematic behaviour.

A Personal Dog Trainer offers in-home training services to dogs and their owners in Inner Bayside, Inner Eastern and South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. For more details, visit our serviced area page.

As a unique service, I can also offer boarding and training in my own home. I may recommend this as a tool to assist the training or you may choose it for your own convenience. Perhaps your dog is already well-trained, and you don’t want anyone to undo all your hard work while you are away? By choosing this option, while you go away on your own holiday, you will enjoy coming home to a calm, happy and well-behaved dog.


  • I would recommend A Personal Dog Trainer without hesitation as it is thanks to them that I have a well trained and behaved boxer who leads a happy and fun life.

    Caitlin Roach